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Plum Sour & Vodka

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Ah, the Plum Sour & Vodka – a cocktail so elusive, it's practically a mixological Bigfoot. Legend has it, this quirky concoction made a cameo years ago, flirted with fame, and then – poof! – vanished faster than your New Year's resolutions.

But fear not, cocktail adventurers! We've got our hands on the holy grail of mixers – an outrageously good, local organic plum juice. It's so exclusive, it might just have its own secret handshake. This isn't your run-of-the-mill, off-the-shelf juice; we're talking plums so pampered, they probably get bedtime stories.

We crank up the tartness to eleven with a splash of lemon juice – because if life gives you lemons, obviously you make a Plum Sour & Vodka. And, for that "je ne sais quoi," we add a whisper of sage. It's like a high-five from Mother Nature herself.

The result? A cocktail that's tangy, tart, and borderline sassy. It's the kind of drink that smirks at you from across the bar and dares you to take a sip. And like any self-respecting sour concoction, it's best accessorized with a sprig of thyme – because, let's face it, time flies when you're having rum... or vodka, in this case.

Remember, sour cocktails are like great gossip – they're best enjoyed with a good friend. So, grab your partner in crime and let's make this elusive Plum Sour & Vodka the talk of the town! Cheers to the cocktail that almost wasn't, but now definitely is! 🍸🌿🍋
Whats inside?

Carbonated Water, Vodka, Plum Puree, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Sugar, Lactic and Citric Acid, Sage, Salt, Sodium Benzoate


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