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Cocktail Tap Truck

Cocktail Tap Truck

Having a party and need an amazing full service bar to show up with everything you need for serving your guests delicious drinks? Beep beep, meet our tap truck that punches above its weight. Our Kei Japanese mini truck can cruise up to any house, park or outdoor venue and serve the best cocktails around, and you don’t ever have to lift a finger. It comes fully equipped with everything you need to throw a memorable experience.

We’re now booking – so reach out and let us delight your guests.

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Available for any event that can have the truck!

Outdoor weddings, big house party, corporate shindig, or just having a cookout with 50 of your closest people?  We’re ready to roll and take care of all your needs. We are a mobile cocktail garden on wheels and can bring everything you need to have a great time. 

How many servings are in the taps? 

All 4 taps come equipped with 30L kegs. Each keg holds 80-85 servings. A serving is a 12 oz cup (355ml can) 

How much does it cost? 

An event can cost from $2000 to $5000+ based on the number of people, servings, service time, and any of your additional needs. This may seem like a lot, but on average this would cost $20 per person for a gathering for 150 people. Plus, all you gotta do is raise the glass to your mouth.

Do you need a permit or license? 

You bet you do. Any event outside or at a private venue requires a Special Occasions Permit for you to allow you to serve alcohol at your special occasion. How to get an SOL can be found here. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

What kind of truck is it?

It’s a Japanese Kei Truck with 4 taps serving the most delicious cocktails on wheels

Where can the tap truck go?

Our primary service location is in the lower mainland. But, we do love a good roadie, so hit us up and we’d be happy to drive a bit further.

Just remember, we need to be within at least 6′ of a standard electrical outlet.

Are you licensed or provide a permit?

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How many people can you serve?

We can serve anywhere from 50-200 people, but can provision more capacity for more cocktails.

Where will this fit?

This truck can be used outdoors but can fit through double doors, large hallways or event spaces. Measurements are L 11′ x H 6’0 x W 4’8


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