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Pear Lemon Lavender & Vodka

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Introducing the revamped Pear Lemon Lavender & Vodka cocktail, a delightful blend that captures the essence of a blissful afternoon in the park. Imagine the warmth of the sun, the vibrant display of blooming flowers, and a soothing breeze - all bottled up in this exquisite drink. With each sip, you'll experience a harmonious fusion of the sweet and tangy zest of citrus fruits, seamlessly balanced by the soft, aromatic touch of lavender.

Exciting Revelations Delve into the intricate crafting of this cocktail, where the lavender is ingeniously utilized in two ways. Part of it undergoes a maceration process, enhancing the drink with its rich, deep flavors, while the rest is transformed into a delicate simple syrup, infusing the cocktail with an enchanting lavender aroma. This dual approach creates a layered depth of both taste and fragrance. And for those aficionados who recall the initial release of this cocktail, you'll notice a subtle yet significant change: we've rearranged the ingredients in the name, highlighting lavender as the second star of the show, perfectly encapsulating its elevated role in this rejuvenated mix.

Whats inside?

Carbonated water, Lavender Vodka, Pear Juice, Lemon Juice,Lavender Citrus Syrup, Citric and Malic Acid, Salt, Sodium Benzoate


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