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Don’t quit your job. Work and travel at the same time. Join this digital nomad for 365 days – travelling over 92,000 km, on 37 flights, 18 buses, 12 trains and six ferries to 21 countries – all while she runs her business remotely.

Janet’s hilarious and profound personal narrative gives you an irresistible glimpse into the truth behind working remotely.

  • Indulge in this epic journey that reveals insider secrets for traveling in Europe, Africa, Mexico and South America.
  • Discover Remote Year, the travel concierge service that caters to a community of fun-loving folks with remote jobs.
  • Get the cheat-sheet for living with powerful ‘life hacks’ – on or off the road.

Get packing! There’s a life-changing world waiting for you inside these pages.

About the Author

Janet Rouss is a passionate traveler whose business brings her to wildly exciting places around the world. As a professional speaker, she has engaged audiences across North America, Mexico, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. As a Brand Engineer, she works with businesses to bring their brands to life. Her authentic approach to marketing provides actionable insights that grow the bottomline. When she’s not traveling the world, she’s inspiring others be courageous from her home office in Toronto, Canada.

You can reach her by email at janet @