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Welcome to the Sunrise Hotel

A remote escape riddled with folklore, mystery and tequila, The Sunrise Hotel has always called to curious minds. Those that crave isolation in the company of strangers and seek out the confronting weirdness of reality.


An eclectic cast of characters including the Don Poco, El Libro, La Mamba & the infamous Cici Rosa.


Leave your bags at the front desk and we will gladly take them to your room. Please enjoy the Welcome Margarita.


Tucked into the coastal foothills of the remote Cadillac Island, The Sunrise Hotel has served as a thoroughfare and port for writers, musicians, actors & good-time criminals since the 1920s.

Guests come here to escape the monotony of daily life and experience a shock of colours, smell,
flavours, heat and mysticism.

While the hotel has been misted in an enigmatic veil due to the mystery and exclusivity of its location, the true mystery is its influence on the guests. Many authors and musicians have written about their experience as a kind of fever dream, making readers question if the hotel is more myth than matter. But we can guarantee, the hotel, although surreal in nature, is very much real.

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